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10 Best Cognition Boosting Nootropics

Whatever your personal desired brain stimulating effect, this list of the top nootropics is sure to meet and exceed them.

From L-Theanine to Bacopa, GABA to Piracetam, the nootropics used in these blends are known to enhance your brain functions in various ways. Some products on the list may have an energy boosting effect, while others include melatonin as a sedative.

While others focus on mood enhancement and stress relief, others stick specifically to cognitive functions, such as memory and mental performance.

Whatever your personal desired brain stimulating effect, this list of the top nootropics is sure to meet and exceed them.

Highest Rate Nootropic Supplements Reviewed

Nootropics are all the craze nowadays, with more and more people discovering the benefits. As with anything else, some companies put more effort and care into their products. We’ve gone ahead and highlighted those companies and their efforts below.

A lot of the benefits to these nootropic stacks will sound similar, so the most accurate way to compare each product is to examine their doses and ingredients.

Through experimentation and research, perhaps below is where you’ll find the nootropic blend that can give you the cognitive edge you’ve been looking for.

#10 – Nowtropic



  • Claims to be “Viagra for the Brain”
  • Increase Concentration by 312%
  • Help Relaxation and Sleep
  • GABA Included to Boost Brain Function
  • Bacopin Increases Blood Flow to the Brain

Key Factors

Containing a slew of useful vitamins and a potent proprietary blend, Nowtropicis an innovative nootropic that’s been making an impact on the mental supplements market. With the goal of targeting four areas of brain function, Nowtropicis designed to boost attention span, memory, concentration, and mental vision.

The ingredients included are known heavy hitters, and include GABA which raises serotonin levels, Hupervine to aid memory, and Folate for overall brain health. Even these components only represent part of the power of Neuroflexyn, a nootropic that packs a lot of different ways to enhance your mental performance.

Who Makes It?

The makers of Nowtropicstate that it’s designed by experts, but info on the actual experts or the manufacturer is not readily available. That said, not knowing much about the manufacture isn’t necessarily a reason to doubt its effectiveness, since there is research on some of the key ingredients, like GABA and Ginseng. Since the manufacturer is not a massive supplements company like GAT or Hydroxycut, the product is only available directly from the source at this point.

Bottom Line

Loaded with five key ingredients that are known to have a bold effect on mental performance and memory, Nowtropicis a nootropic that strives for four distinct areas of improvement. Although not available from many different stores, ordering from the manufacturer comes with a 30 day trial, so you can find out the effects before going all-in on a purchase.

#9 – Excelerol



  • Designed to Enhance Memory, Focus, and Alertness
  • Quick Release Vegetarian Capsules
  • Uses Clinically Tested Ingredients Like Citicoline and Holy Basil Extract
  • Recommended by Doctors
  • 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

Key Factors

Emphasizing a combination of proven ingredients and staged-release dosing methods, Excelerol is an innovative nootropic supplement. For those who want enhancements in memory and mental prowess, Excelerol contains ingredients that research has proven effective.

Phosphatidylserine is a common active ingredient in the world of nootropics, and has shown in studies that it improves nerve connections in the brain, and facilitates the release of melatonin. Holy Basil is not just included to sound exotic, but is a proven aid to reduce anxiety and treat depression, among a lot of other beneficial uses.

Who Makes It?

Accelerated Intelligence is the company behind Excelerol, and they actually provide a highly detailed and transparent website to explain their product. Their philosophy emphasizes quality in all aspects, from only using FDA-approved facilities and labs, to choosing top notch, proven ingredients. While some nootropics companies like to suck you into a trial while giving minimal info, Accelerated Intelligence is the opposite, offering details on each ingredient, regularly available contact info, and even a mission statement from the company.

Bottom Line

From ingredients that are proven to make a difference, to recommendations from doctors and academics, Excelerol is a nootropic that does everything right, and is highly-likely to make a positive difference. If not, it comes with a 100% money back guarantee, and the company is easy to get ahold of so it’s a win/win purchase either way.

#8 – Alpha Brain



  • Flagship Product of Onnit Labs
  • Three Proprietary Blends Included
  • Backed by Two Clinical Trials Specifically Ran on Alpha Brain
  • Includes Bacopa, Hupervine, and Cat’s Claw
  • Oat Straw Showed Positive Cognitive Improvement

Key Factors

Comprised of proprietary blends for fuel, focus, and flow, Alpha Brain is one of the most high-profile nootropic supplements. Endorsements like the Fighter and the Kid’s Bryan Callen, and UFC commentator, Joe Rogan, have earned a lot of attention for Alpha Brain, but it really shines as a proven nootropic stack.

Although it uses ingredients that have been shown to have a positive impact on cognitive function, Onnit Labs drove the point home by testing Alpha Brain itself. Through two, double-blind studies, Alpha Brain demonstrated that it significantly improves various cognitive functions including focus and flow state.

Very few other nootropic stacks have the level of research supporting them that can be claimed by Alpha Brain.

Who Makes It?

Led by founder, Aubrey Marcus, Onnit is a company dedicated to total human optimization. To do this, they look to nature, science, and the expertise of coaches and medical professionals. Infinitely more than a lab that makes nootropics, the Onnit Academy host classes that certify people in mace and kettlebell training, and offers podcasts and blogs for more info.

Another noteworthy fact about Onnit is they sell some of the most innovative sports gear known to man, ranging from kettlebells shaped like legendary mythological creatures, to steel maces for training.

Bottom Line

With reliable research and hundreds of customer reviews, the only complaint about Onnit’s Alpha Brain was its premium price. Since it contains rare and potent natural nootropics that have been shown by many to improve the way your brain functions, this will be the perfect nootropic stack for a lot of people.

#7 – Limitless Brain Pill



  • Huge Variety of Benefits in Mood, Energy, and Brain Power
  • Boosts Norepinephrine and Dopamine
  • Contains Ingredients to Enhance Sex Drive
  • Huperzine Included for Memory Improvement
  • Vinpocetine Enables Better Cerebral Bloodflow

Key Factors

With a massive array of claims, the Limitless Brain Pill seeks to improve your performance in every way possible. This includes boosting your libido, enhancing your memory, and making your brain quicker and more efficient.

It does this with ingredients like Phosphatidyl-Serine and Huperzine, both of which have been shown to improve memory. That’s just the tip of the Limitless Brain Pill iceberg, as it also increases sexual libido, enhances mood, and grants you an almost ridiculous array of benefits in every pill. As ballsy as the claims of the Limitless Brain Pill, its website provides links to 26 studies that support some of its key ingredients.

Who Makes It?

While not a lot is known about the manufacturers of Limitless Brain Pill, their company seems to carry the same name as their product. Luckily, their contact info is regularly available on the terms and conditions part of their website. In this case, the terms and conditions offer a lot of vital info, ranging from their shipping address, to details of their money back guarantee.

Bottom Line

Genuinely ambitious in its claims, many of which are backed by dozens of studies, the Limitless Brain Pill might be the edge you need to think faster, perform better, and feel good while doing it.

#6 – Oxiracetam Powder by Nootropics Depot



  • Designed Strictly for Cognitive Enhancement
  • Backed by Research Studies that Show It Stimulates Brain Receptors
  • Rare Member of Racetam Family of Nootropics
  • Improved Brain Functions can Lead to Additional Benefits
  • Highly Stackable: Just One Key Ingredient

Key Factors

Oxiracetam Powder is a rare yet promising supplement that has shown to benefit cognitive function, and potentially has a host of additional benefits. While not a ton is known about the effects of Oxiracetam Powder on all demographics, it has proven successful as an anti-dementia nootropic.

With this increase in cerebral function, it’s easy to see how increases in motivation or mood could also be expected. The key benefits of single ingredient blends is that they’re highly stackable, and this one by Nootropics Depot is as well.

Who Makes It?

Nootropics Depot is a one-stop shop for reliable experts on nootropics. With everything from Cordyceps to Pure Krill Oil, Nootropics Depot sells sampler packs, capsules, and powders of all the most popular nootropics. If you ever wanted consistent updates involving nootropics, join their newsletter for the latest in cognitive enhancers.

Bottom Line

If you want to keep it simple by sticking to a single-ingredient nootropic that’s been known to improve cognitive function in the elderly, then Oxiracetam Powder by Nootropics Depot has shown tried and true results. If you’re an experienced nootropics enthusiast, Oxiracetam Powder is ideal for mixing with other types of ingredients for a stack that’s customized to your liking.

#5 – CILTEP Nootropic Stack



  • Endorsed by Tim Ferris and Dave Asprey
  • Cleaner than Major Competitors
  • Ideal as Cognitive Booster, Pre-workout, or Energy Pill
  • Designed to Improve Focus, Motivation, and Memory
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Key Factors

Artichoke extract and Coleus Forskohlii join two other major nootropics to complete this clean and potent stack known as CILTEP. The other ingredients are L-Phenylalanine and Acetyl l-carnitine, both of which are essential amino acids that aid in a variety of functions.

To earn esteemed endorsements like self-optimization gurus, Tim Ferris and Dave Osprey, CILTEP had to be better than a lot of competitors. In part, it did so by being cleaner, with no GMO’s, gluten, colors, or preservatives.

Who Makes It?

Dedicated to finding the most high-quality products for self-optimization, Natural Stacks has tons of info and purchasing options for nootropics. While a lot of nootropic brands are mysterious, with little info beyond their marketing points, Natural Stacks is an online warehouse that offers dozens of top quality products.

Bottom Line

A unique and natural blend that consists of four key ingredients, CILTEP might be the missing link that enables you to perform at your full-potential. Two amino acids and two other unique nootropics will improve your brain function without any unnecessary GMO’s, artificial colors, or preservatives.

#4 – DNA Evolve



  • Uses Over 20 Brain Enhancing Ingredients
  • 250 mg of Phenylethylamine (PEA)
  • Includes Stem Cells Dosed to 1 mg.
  • GABA Improves Mood and Helps Sleep
  • Available in Tincture Format

Key Factors

Available as a tincture with all of its many ingredients listed, DNA Evolve is in a league above other nootropic stacks. Those 20 ingredients are comprised of potent, highly-active nootropics ranging from Gingko Biloba to Phosphatidyl Serine.

It’s rare for a nootropic company to list the dosage of each of its active ingredients, but that’s exactly what DNA Evolve does. One reason might be that the list is impressive, and is loaded with rare, high-quality amino acids and other ingredients. DNA Evolve is designed to be an Ascension Nootropic, containing powerful ingredients that can alleviate symptoms of MTHFR Deficiency and helping to get rid of anxiety.

Who Makes It?

Dedicated to sourcing the best possible ingredients in their nootropic supplements, Complete Ascentials is as reputable as it gets. With multiple products, tons of info, and clear descriptions about their company’s mission, Complete Ascentials is a refreshingly credible dealer and manufacturer of quality nootropics. Their products venture beyond the common cognitive boosters, and include components that are designed to improve your performance at a cellular level.

Bottom Line

An entirely different type of nootropic, DNA Evolve combines more than 20 active ingredients for an all-out assault on your anxiety and confusion. A potent product from a reputable dealer, DNA Evolve is sure to be a favorite of those who need a strong cognitive boost.

#3 – Brain Force



  • Features Six Key Ingredients
  • Phosphatidylserine Helps Cell Structure in the Brain
  • L-Theanine Assist with Reliable Brain Function
  • Alpha-GPC Delivers Bioavailalbe Choline
  • Bacopa Included to Benefit Nerves

Key Factors

Six ingredients lead the way for the cognitive boosting effects of Brain Force, a nootropics stack from Infowars. Regardless of being backed by conspiracy radio broadcaster, Alex Jones, Brain Force actually has ingredients that are known to work well as nootropics.

Among these are nootropics all-stars like Bacopa, Alpha-GPC, and Phosphatidylserine. While each of those plays a vital role in cognitive enhancement, you can also expect an energy increase from the Yerba Matte tea powder, and some Vitamin B12 which helps with a wide array of bodily functions. The inclusion of L-Theanine gives you the benefits of green tea, and does a lot for increasing your nerve impulses.

Who Makes It?

Infowars is the show of conservative conspiracy radio host, Alex Jones, and is his gift shop that supports his show. In addition to show merchandise, the section entitled Infowars Life contains various nootropic stacks.

In addition to health and wellness, the Infowars store also offers products to help with preparedness, so you can get all the survival gear you need to ensure you survive the end times. Regardless of the odd circumstance of finding a reliable nootropic blend in the store of a conspiracy DJ, the store has a lot of contact info and seems transparent and well-maintained.

Bottom Line

Brain Force is designed for a potent, neural activation experience, and with six key ingredients that are known to affect cognitive function, it might be just the thing for helping your brain reach its potential.

#2 – MindLab Pro



  • Designed to Unlock the Entire Brain’s Potential
  • Contains Lion’s Mane Mushroom to Regrow Nerves
  • Helps with Quick Reasoning
  • Includes 11 Multi-functional Nootropics
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Key Factors

MindLab Pro is a nootropic stack that makes a very strong case for being the best cognitive supplement on the market. Loaded with eleven of the best known and most effective ingredients for enhancing mental performance, MindLab Pro sets itself apart by trying to engage as much of the brain as possible.

The weakness they see in other brands is that they’re too limited in scope, and their solution is to optimize the entire brain with the use of nootropics that actually work. This includes a lot of advanced nootropics that are rarely found elsewhere, such as Cognizin, Suntheanine, and Rhodiola.

Who Makes It?

Fortunately, the manufacturers of MindLab Pro take a very hands on approach with promoting and selling their new product. Their website details each of the key ingredients, and includes a chart where each ingredient points to its corresponding function.

Furthermore, customer service is heavily emphasized when buying MindLab Pro. Their website provides ample information regarding shipping and returns, and is up front about their 30 day money back guarantee. Ultimately, such an elaborate and meticulously made product deserves a thorough supporting website, and MindLab Pro got one that is very helpful for new customers.

Bottom Line

With eleven different nootropics combined into every dose, MindLab Pro is a conglomeration of ingredients that is specifically made to boost the power of your entire brain, not just a small part of it.

#1 – OptiMind



  • Features 1315 mg of their Proprietary Focus Blend
  • Energy Boost from Taurine and Caffeine
  • Uses Seranaid, a Proprietary Version of Phosphatidylserine
  • Bacopa has Proven Useful to Fight Anxiety and Memory Loss
  • Vinpocetine Helps Memory and Mental Performance

Key Factors

Containing all of the most reliable nootropic ingredients from Bacopa to Huperzine, OptiMind is a thorough blend of cognitive enhancers that are known to work. Caffeine and taurine are added for noticeable energy boosts, while alpha linoleic acid (ALA) provides a wide range of benefits.

The dosing is remarkably high considering the types of nootropics in OptiMind, as it reads like a list of the top available cognitive supplements.

Who Makes It?

OptiMind is made by a company under the same name, and luckily, some info can be readily found on their website. To entice people to try their product, OptiMind offers a free trial, but reading it thoroughly reveals that you’ll be charged when the trial is over, so make sure to cancel unless you’re going all in on OptiMind.

Ultimately, the open and transparent nature of the OptiMind website makes it seem like a safe and reliable source for making a purchase.

Bottom Line

Containing a who’s who of credible nootropic ingredients, OptiMind is a gargantuan nootropics stack that may be the best on the market. The option for a free trial is useful if you make a buying decision before the trial ends, and the majority of ingredients in OptiMind are backed by research.

Beginners Guide to Nootropics

What Are Nootropics?

A nootropic is any substance that is taken to improve brain function. This mostly refers to advanced cognitive functions like creativity, motivation, focus, and memory retention. The most common nootropics that are widely used in the Western world include caffeine and nicotine, but people in the Far East and India have been using nootropics like Gingko Biloba for centuries.

The ways nootropic substances affect the body vary greatly, and range from increasing the rate that nerve endings grow, to opening blood vessels in the brain. Different nootropics are likely to affect people to varying degrees, so perhaps you can find a stack that fits your cognitive needs.

A Brief History of Nootropics

While prehistoric man is known to have experimented with plants and herbs for cognitive improvement, the rise of modern nootropics took place in the 1960’s. The term “nootropics” translates as “mind bed” from Latin, and was coined by Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea.

The first nootropic focused on by scientists was Piracetam, a derivative of GABA which is an important component of our nervous systems. The field of knowledge for modern nootropics is limited but rapidly growing, and new versions of cognitive enhancers are regularly being discovered.

For more info on the history of nootropics, provides a detailed explanation complete with pictures and references.

Studies on Nootropics

The one thing that separates a random plant from a certified and potent nootropic is research. Even if everyone in your gym swears by a supplement, until it’s been tested against placebos, the medical and scientific communities are not going to take it seriously. Due to their new and widely misunderstood status, nootropics are met with skepticism by a lot of people.

Luckily, scientific research exists on a lot of major nootropic ingredients, including choline, Bacopa, and Hupervine. If thorough research continues to prove the effectiveness of various nootropics, then they will eventually be as widely accepted as caffeine or Omega-3, which is also considered a nootropic.

What They’re Used For

Of all categories of supplements, nootropics is the most newly understood and controversial. That said, many of them have not only been used since hundreds of years BC, but recent studies have proved their effectiveness on the memory, focus, and other mental processes.

With the ability to improve the way your brain functions comes a series of other desirable benefits, such as decreased anxiety, improved performance at cognitive tasks, and enhanced levels of motivation.

Studies focused on those suffering from medical ailments like Alzheimer’s and dementia, but more and more people are using nootropics to succeed at work, sport, and their social lives on a daily basis. Whatever your stance on nootropics, they are backed by solid research, and a loyal following of fans who know that nootropics are truly the supplements of the future.

What’s in Them?

While scientists and labs are involved in the creation of nootropics, almost all of the ingredients derive from completely natural sources. For instance, small amounts of choline are found in eggs, while Bacopa, Huperzine, and Gingko Biloba are all herbs.

People might assume that scientists are involved because nootropics are manmade creations, but a lot of the science comes into play during the extraction process. Since customers only want the potent parts of a particular herb, advanced science and labs are required to find the safest and most effective ways to extract active ingredients from natural substances.

Ultimately, many brands of nootropics will state that they are all-natural on their label, and a lot of companies will use vegetarian ingredients for capsules as well.

Three Common Nootropics Ingredients

Since nootropics is such a new industry, it’s common to see products with an entire list of active ingredients that aren’t found anywhere else. That said, some ingredients have been thoroughly researched, and are known to be highly effective as cognitive enhancers. Such nootropics are valuable parts of any nootropic stack, because they serve as one more reliable component to help your mental performance. As you peruse the top ten stacks, each of the following three reliable nootropics will be commonly found among their active ingredients, and each packs a cognitive punch in its own way.


For improving memory, mental processes, and attention, Bacopa has been proven effective in a study on elderly patients. Bacopa monnieri is an herb, and the effect it has when we ingest it is that it speeds up the production of nerve endings. This produces a variety of positive cognitive effects, as Bacopa is known to do everything from relieving anxiety to enhancing memory. Like other ingredients on the list, Bacopa is backed by thorough research from reliable sources.


As the first nootropic to undergo scientific study, a staggering amount of research exists to support the many benefits of Piracetam. According to numerous studies, Piracetam is effective for alleviating everything from vertigo and paranoia, to tinnitus and autism. As a nootropic, Piracetam has shown that it enhances memory and alertness, but it’s also proven useful at fighting depression and anxiety. With a vast array of proven benefits and decades worth of supporting research, Piracetam is a welcome ingredient in any nootropic stack.


Known better as choline for short, Phosphatidycholine is one of the most reliable nootropics on the market. Research from as early as 1978 shows that choline works wonders for improving intelligence, memory, and cognitive performance.

A study of choline by Dr. Steven Zeisel showed that humans need choline for normal cognitive function, a powerful finding that led to choline being considered an “essential nutrient”. Whichever form you find it in, choline is a very common component of nootropics blends and stacks.

Who Makes Them?

To buy individual ingredients of nootropics, specific dealers like Nootropics Depot provide a safe and informative space for learning and making your purchase. The purchasing process is different for manufacturers of the nootropic stacks on this list, mainly because the companies are the one and only source for the one product they’re selling. For example, The Limitless Pill is a unique nootropic blend, but you can only find their product sold on their website.

While this might be disconcerting at first, it’s important to note that their website provides ample research links to support their ingredients, and even has contact information for the company. The important takeaway is that many nootropic stacks are the sole product of their manufacturer, so you often have to play by their rules to purchase their proprietary nootropic blend.

Who Can Benefit from Nootropics?

The reasons why you might have a need for enhanced cognitive performance are virtually infinite, but most people use nootropics with a specific intention in mind. With their ability to improve mental clarity, memory, mood, and other cognitive functions, nootropic stacks are capable of giving you an edge in a massive variety of situations. These are a few of the most common reasons why people would regularly purchase nootropics.

People Looking to Improve Work Performance

Work means a lot of different things to a lot of people, but most jobs involve some degree of stress, challenge, and mental fatigue. Whether you’re an accountant or a Zamboni driver, the right nootropic can be the difference between coming home stressed and tired, versus finishing calm and refreshed. Aside from how you feel at work, nootropics can actually improve how you perform your job.

Maybe that means taking care of more customers per hour or successfully filling out more Excel sheets, but whatever your job is, taking brain boosting nootropics can offer significant help to effectively get you through the day.

People Looking to Alleviate Anxiety or Mental Ailments

The most certain advantage to nootropics is that many of them have been proven to decrease negative mental ailments of varying severities. Anxiety, depression, confusion, and fatigue are among the uncomfortable conditions that can be alleviated with the use of nootropics. Since these problems are major concerns in the medical community, they are an aspect of nootropics that is heavily researched.

For example, Piracetam has been shown to alieve depression and anxiety associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Due to their brain boosting capacity, it’s reasonable to think that many nootropics can help with mood and stress symptoms, and some ingredients already have the research to back up their claims.

Using Nootropcis as Stacks for Working Out

Supplements in general are popular among fitness gurus and gym rats, and nootropics are no exception. The various mental advantages provided by nootropics can do a lot to enhance a workout, or help a player make better decisions during competition, like a soccer game.

Whether you’re a martial artist or a rugby player, it’s well-known that your mind is the best weapon, so the right nootropics can be just the thing for keeping it sharp when it counts. Consider adding a reliable nootropic into your other pre-workout or bulk up stacks.

Things to Keep in Mind

Every aspect of nootropics is new and exotic. Even for the herbs that have been used for thousands of years in China and India, the research and modern versions of them are freshly researched, and pretty much all knowledge of nootropics has been accumulated within the last 50 years. You’ll find that a lot of the manufacturers of nootropic blends are companies that have only been around for a few years, and that info on some ingredients can be scarce or limited. Those facts combined make doing personal research a challenging yet necessary part of buying nootropics.

They are Conversation Starters

It’s relevant to note that bringing up the topic of nootropics in a random crowd is likely to get polarizing reactions. Since nootropics are so new and most Westerners haven’t tried many of them aside from caffeine, the subject of brain pills will elicit eye rolls from a lot of people. In a few decades, it might be common place for the average American to take their daily dose of Bacopa or Piracetam, but for now, know that there will be skeptics who don’t understand the power of cognitive supplements.

Nootropics Are Real and Proven by Research

Cynical people will immediately attribute nootropics to a placebo effect, but many ingredients have been tested against placebos in official studies. To find official, peer reviewed studies that have been published in academic journals, search engines like Google Scholar can be used. From there, a simple search for nootropics will reveal all of the scientific research that’s been done on various ingredients. If you’re new to scholarly articles, then reading over the abstract will give you a solid summary of the corresponding study. Such studies are vital to proving the effectiveness of nootropics.

Research Is Important

Personal research is a good idea before any significant purchase, but that especially applies to nootropics. The vast differences in manufacturers, sources, functions, and buying methods makes research more important for nootropics than for other comparably priced products.

When researching, reading over customer reviews can be useful for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each product. Note that some nootropic blends are so new, they have very little info available on them. For more detailed info on the nootropic stack you’re considering, looking into the key ingredients and their uses can help you make an optimal buying decision.

Wrapping Up

Whether you want to improve your memory to quit losing things, or take the edge off of your social anxiety before a big speech, there is a nootropic on the list that can help. Unless you plan to try every one of them, then reading up on their biggest benefits can help you make a smart purchase.

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Cognitive enhancement comes in many forms, from the Choline found in meats, to the herbal power of Bacopa. Whichever nootropic you choose, best of luck in applying it to optimizing your life in the best possible way.